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For over five thousand years, the venerated for of Oriental medicine known as acupuncture has been a powerful wellspring of healing for millions of people worldwide. Versatile in its benefits, this enduring method of healing is also proving its worth in modern times. 

Originating from the Orient, this complex medical art is a method of natural healing. According to Dr. Andrew H. B. Kim, Korean Master of Acupuncture, the Korean method of acupuncture treats the body holistically. 

Based upon an intricate system of principles that targets the importance of balanced energy flow, acupuncture is now taking its place proudly beside traditional forms of Western medicine. Locally, it has a legion of new devotees, patients who report that when all else has failed, it has given them back their lives.

Founder of the DR KIM'S ACUPUNCTURE PLLC in Spring Hill, Dr. Kim is a skilled acupuncturist with over 30 years experience. According to Brenda Kim, his wife and able assistant, referrals of patients come from the medical community, including neurologists and primary care physicians, directly to Dr. Kim. Chiropractors as well, she states, recognize the validity of acupuncture treatments. And the recognition is far-reaching, according to Mrs. Kim, with some eleven states now moving to recognize acupuncture treatments as a valid form of care.

All acupuncturists practicing in the State of Florida must adhere to strict regulations; and their facilities must be approved by H.R.S. Hygienically and professionally operated establishments are characterized by the strict use of disposable needles, as well as visibly clean and well-kept surroundings.

Proper communication between doctor and patient is a must to achieve a total understanding of a patient's medical condition. Dr. Kim excels here, as he is fluent in English and has no problem conversing with his patients 

From arthritis to bursitis to neck and back problems and all addictions, acupuncture claims wide ranging successes in alleviating human suffering. And as Dr. Kim's patients will readily attest, it is a method of treatment that can greatly enhance the quality of lives. 

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